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Redwood Studios believe in the fine balance and important relationship between creativity and co-ordination, a relaxed environment and hard work.

If you are looking for top quality audio post production and music composition, within the budget you are working within, on time, and above industry standard, Redwood Studios is the only option worth considering.


RED WOOD (aka DJ Redwood, Studio Sound Engineer and Music Composer.)

Award winning DJ Red Wood is a house hold name in South Africa. He holds 4 national DJ titles and has represented South Africa in the World Championships in London in 2007. He began producing music in 2003 moving from the highly respected “Freq’ncy” to his own company ‘Notive Productions in 2010, under this umbrella he began freelancing and consulting for some of most exclusive post production houses in the country.

As a performer he remains current and up to date with the sounds heard internationally, which is key in trend spotting regarding sound and composition. His vast expertise includes short form, long form production, TV shows and feature films.