Audio and Video Post-Production. 2D and 3D Animation. Copy Writing and Voice Over Artists. Events too.

Audio Services

Music Composition (Jingles for TV adverts):  Specializing in short form TV commercials, Redwood Studios will create the ideal music for your TV and Radio productions. Redwood Studios covers all genres and styles, paying special attention to the conveying the right mood and energy. Prices are quoted as per each individual request.

Voice over recording: Redwood Studios boasts a dedicated sound proof recording booth with state of the art recording equipment for post-production voice overs and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).

Sound Design: With a vast library of sound effects and an in-depth knowledge of synthesis, Redwood studios will create audio elements to best convey and action or your desired mood, atmosphere and emotion.

Final Mix: Short or Long form – Redwood Studios takes pride in the finishing touch. Redwood Studios will mix and finalize TV commercials, TV shows and feature films at immaculate broadcast stereo quality.


Library Music: Redwood studios is sensitive to budget constraints and should you require library music as opposed to an original composition the team at Redwood Studios will endeavor to source the most appropriate sound for your production.