Audio and Video Post-Production. 2D and 3D Animation. Copy Writing and Voice Over Artists. Events too.


“I dig working with Red. He gets the brief, delivers tracks on time and always goes the extra mile. His original compositions are featured on two of our TV ads and I’m sure they won’t be the last.”

-Tian van den Heever, Creative Director, DraftFCB Johannesburg

“We’ve often called Red up at the very last minute, with our backs against the wall to help us with sound design, music composition or to find suitable tracks for a commercial or pitch presentation. Red has always gone out of his way to make sure we find what we are looking for. A pure professional, delivering on time and in-line with our thinking. Red comes highly recommended by myself and everyone else at Mccann. He is also a damn fine beatboxer!”

-Theo Egbers, Senior Copywriter, Mccann Johannesburg

“Red was called upon to record voice over artists, create sound designs and develop the final mix for a number of our productions. His work flow was efficient as he really knew his way around the ProTools and the studio gear. The final result was of pristine audio quality. He’s a true professional.”

-Jeff Harvey, Copywriter, Havas Worldwide, Johannesburg

“Redwood is an iconic name in the music industry. He’s the biggest, baddest name in audio production, he’s been around the longest and that’s because his skills are the deepest. A professional to the core, Redwood takes away all of the agony of audio production and replaces it with smiles and finesse. As an entertainer, a producer and a professional, I cannot speak highly enough of him.”

-Gord Laws, Senior Copywriter, OwenKessel. Former Features and Music Editor, FHM Magazine.

“I’ve worked with Redwood for many years, on a variety of projects throughout his career. Now finally in his own studio and still delivering consistent quality and dedicated service in the audio arts. Whether it’s a small final mix job or a larger composition track, Redwood will meet each deadline and go out of his way to make sure it’s exactly what I want and what my clients need. I look forward to many more years working with Redwood!”

-Josh, Director, Fiendish Productions (

“I commissioned Redwood Studios do the final mix for a series of Lux video clips destined for cinema. Our onset sound on location Mauritius had some troublesome glitches, however Red successfully managed to clean the audio up in post, the end result being impressive audio quality.
On another last minute job we had to use someone who had never done a VO before, Due to his comfortable and professional conduct, he brought the best out in the newbie. I would recommend Redwood Studios for all your audio needs”

-Graeme Hector, Owner, Goodfoot Productions

“I am a singer/songwriter and have little experience with recording, however the way Red handled and introduced me to the industry was to say the least totally professional, warm and in such a way comfortable that it made me feel like I’ve been doing
this for years. I have the utmost respect for him as an engineer because he totally gets my style (folk/ indie/ surf – rock) even
though he specializes in electric music. His patience is also something that makes him cool to work with, because no matter
how many takes – Red will just grin and say: ”Let’s give it another go….”

-James Brown (Singer/ Song-writer)

“As a freestyle drum n’ bass emcee, I focus a lot more on my live performances than I do on recording music. this is largely because there’s an energy and passion to performance that – most of the time – is impossible to recreate or capture in the studio. Most of the time, the studio feels forced. Clinical. Sterile. Most of the time, you lose the feeling of making music and replace it with the feeling of building a Toyota in a factory. That’s most of the time. The rest of the time, you’re working with Redwood. A musician’s musician. An artist. Not a construction worker. The man is a genius, and it’s always an absolute pleasure.”

-Emcee Heavy G, INISHI8 and Damage Inc vocalist. 2008 Sprite/Channel O Emcee Africa Battle Championships Semi-finalist.

“We used DJ Redwood with great success for a number of our Union Bar events. I Highly recommend him as he who knows how to entertain an audience.”

-Justin Kramer, Owner The Union Bar & Behind Bars